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Tuesday’s Decision Happened a Long Time Ago for Busch

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS - SEPTEMBER 11: Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 M&M's Toyota, walks the grid prior to the NASCAR Cup Series Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway on September 11, 2022 in Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

For many, it was clear that by the time Tuesday came around, Kyle Busch was not going to remain with his long-time employer.  It seemed evident all season the frustration on the track, and the anxiety off the track, were getting too much for the two-time champion.

Busch seemed clear that he wanted to leave, without having said a word.

When Mars Candy said they were not coming back, that was the catalyst.  After being associated with one company for so long, and then not knowing who he would identify with, just seemed to be the writing on the wall for the one called Rowdy.  A career that saw two championships, multiple records, and many moments one can remember with some one would rather forget, now was going elsewhere.

This move is much different than the one that happened 15 years ago, with another rather popular driver.

When the 2007 began, it was known that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was in the final year of his contract with his dad’s team.  But, unlike Busch, he made it clear what he was wanting in his new contract.  It wasn’t about the money he was wanting to make, nor the length.  He had one number and one word that made it clear what he wanted.

51 percent.

He didn’t care about money, years, or sponsors.  He wanted the majority stake, and his stepmother would not balk in giving it to him.  The season was not yet at the midway point, and his decision was made to leave, and potentially everyone had an idea of where he was going.

Ironically, the man that Junior replaced at Hendrick Motorsports is now the one that is going to be replaced at Joe Gibbs Racing…Busch.

We don’t know what the reason is that eventually led Busch to go from being the lead man at the helm of the Toyota group, but we could see that he was not happy with where he was, nor where he was going.  In a season where he has only one win, and even that win came by complete luck on the dirt in Bristol, he is even more critical or irate when finishing second.  Even by historical standards, he’s just not the Busch we anticipate.

Now that this has been put out there, and the speculation can end, maybe we will get the Busch we have been waiting to see, since the negotiations have worn him out.

Even Brexton has seen victory lane more this season than his father.

It became abundantly clear that Busch was wanting to go somewhere new, perhaps to invigorate his career, and finish it on his terms, instead of continuing to be steadfast in an organization that he had long been the face of but also saw a changing of the guard.  Busch is not quite in the twilight of his career in the car, but he has gone past what could be considered his prime.

He could very well try to be the Tom Brady of the sport and continue to race until he’s hit the age of 45, if Kevin Harvick doesn’t get there first.

Removing the unknown for the public to see is one thing, but Busch has known he’s been wanting to be with a new team.  Now that it’s out in the open, the Rowdy we know could easily be back, and take the title on his way out the door.  Perfect timing considering where Saturday’s race occurs.

Busch has his win on the dirt, and winning on the concrete after finally having so much off his should make his week.

He knew long before he was heading out the door, and he’s not going to look back once it shuts behind him.

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