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Is NASCAR’s Throwback Weekend Losing Some Luster?

When NASCAR first announced that Darlington would get the traditional Southern 500 weekend back to Darlington, the excitement and the happiness was beyond what anyone was anticipating.  The acceptance of the sport going back to a historic track on it’s normal weekend brought about a lot of coverage. Teams themselves ...

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Acquaintance to Friend: Honoring “Diesel” Dave Radzierez

As a group, motorsports in general is a very difficult genre to find people that stick around on a personal level.  Interests, life experiences, location; all these could be reasons.  But, to get to know someone outside of a particular sport is hard to do, because some may be friends, ...

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Daytona…Then, Now, and Forever, Means Something

No one really knew what they had back in 1959 when stock cars were still being compared to those running moonshine, and then decided to see who could outrun each other instead of outrun the law.  No one knew what a high-banked track would do for a sport still in ...

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Sylvester Caps Off Outlaw Drags with Championship Sendoff

It was in early 2020 when the first official Outlaw Monster Truck Drags event was announced.  Set for a holiday celebration, it was billed as a show that would change the idea of what a monster truck show should be.  The pandemic immediately put that idea to a halt, and ...

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Asphalt and Lengthy Track Prove Challenging for Outlaw Drags in Indy

Back in July, the partnership between the 4-Wheel Jamboree and the Outlaw Monster Truck Drags proved that with the right combination, what was the draw for several years can be once again.  The infield had a bigger layout, more obstacles, and more action led to bigger crowds, bigger excitement, and ...

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Truck and Tractor Pulling-The Cornerstone Horsepower Competition

The common theme in motorsports is horsepower, and it’s ever changing how it is utilized.  It’s not about who has the most power, but who can use the power at the right time.  This is why NASCAR events that come down to fuel mileage are intriguing since the horsepower then ...

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