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Decade of Monster Moments: Closing Out 2019

HOF 41

Alas, another 2019 campaign of monster tires, destroyed junk automobiles, broken parts and aggravating repairs has come to a close.  More importantly, an entire decade of destruction and broken parts has come and gone.  From the beginning of the season back in 2010 until now, the entire concept of the ...

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The Women of Monster Jam Rule the Final Day of World Finals

The final night of Monster Jam's World Finals got a woman's touch.  Photo Credit:  Brett Moist

The first night of the inaugural World Finals in Orlando still had people talking about what they witnessed.  As the sun rose over Camping World Stadium, the drivers and crews were still a buzz after witnessing one of the most innovative and deserving guys in the industry finally win the ...

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Monster Jam World Finals XX: Newness Creates Awareness

Being the fastest in qualifying, Tyler Menninga, like all the competitors, had to learn on the fly.

Taking the risk of moving the 20th edition of the Monster Jam World Finals away from the mecca that is Las Vegas ruffled some feathers among many fans, especially ones that spent 19 years booking their vacations for late March.  For this year, Vegas was not the home for the ...

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Final Truck Gives Lasting Impression as Ryan Anderson Wins Freestyle Championship

Photo Credit:  Eric Stern

The one competition that fans live to see no matter where Monster Jam competes is the final one on the night.  That competition is freestyle.  It’s a chance to see the drivers show off the skills they have worked so hard on and try to out-do the rest of the ...

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World Finals XIX: One Last Ride To Vegas Immortality

Who will win racing?  Who will win freestyle?  Can someone actually pull off the ultimate Double Down?

When it began in 2000, no one expected Monster Jam’s biggest event to expand to it’s global extravaganza that it is today.  A show that started with just 16 trucks has expanded to a field of 47 total competitors between the Double Down Showdown and the main attraction.  It also ...

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The Mad Scientist Literally Flips to Freestyle Championship in Las Vegas

Lee O'Donnell turned the Mad Scientist into a YouTube phenomenon in March.

The final day of the Monster Jam World Finals always garners the most attention.  Monster Jam understands this, because they offer a ticket package that is for only one night…the final night.  The reason, it’s the one part of the weekend everyone remembers for multiple reasons.  The final night of ...

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Ryan Anderson Breaks Through after Six Years to Earn First World Title

After coming so close two years ago in racing, and barely missing out in freestyle the last two seasons, Ryan Anderson is officially a champion.

When the bracket was set Thursday night for the racing portion of the Monster Jam World Finals, everyone could tell who was fast…because everyone was.  The field of 32 trucks was only separated by just over one and a half seconds from fast qualifier, Coty Saucier in Monster Energy, to ...

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