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Time to Park It: GEICO 500

This is the moment that defines today's NASCAR.  Lead by example.

Wow…the last three days pretty much summed up in one word. It began with rain, then it became race, followed by unification, then actual on-track racing, and finally it has become about revelation, and acceptance. Wow. How try and sum up Talladega and not have the main story be the ...

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Dustin Off the Next Race: GEICO 500

Race Graphic

Over the years, I am certain that all the readers on this site, and those that follow me on Twitter, understand that when this track comes on the schedule, my blood pressure goes up.  Yes, I talk about the unknown…I discuss the vulnerability…and I discuss control, since all those come ...

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Dustin Off the Next Race: 1000Bulbs.com 500

1000Bulbs.com 500

I never lie when it comes to this particular race in the playoffs, because the unknown always fears me.  The biggest thing about this race is that the driver isn’t in control of his own fate.  The trust factor among the other competitors is enormous because, like we’ve seen in ...

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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Picks for the Alabama 500

Alabama 500

Since the inception of the 16-driver playoff field, this race has experienced mixed feelings for all involved.  The main reason:  this race decided who was in, and who was out, heading into the third round.  It meant in order to advance, the control factor was eliminated from the driver, but ...

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