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Shining, Flying, and Roaring Make the Indy Jamboree a Wild Weekend in 2020

Get a load of this...the Dirt Crew was flying high in Indianapolis.

All summer and into the fall, all that many people wanted to do is simply get out.  Being forced to stay home, then potentially finally seeing a way to get out, only to see it ripped away, has taken away many vacation opportunities for so many folks.  Amusement parks either ...

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Choose Wisely when Heading to an Arena Monster Truck Show

They don't call it the Toughest Monster Truck Tour just to sound catchy.

This time of year, monster truck fans are always looking for that show that is worth the trip.  Factor in how far the show is from home, the amount for tickets, gas to get there, and even a hotel as needed. Stadium shows at the larger venues are always the ...

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Day Two at Indy Sees Chaos Roll and a Snake Slither

The Raptor Reptile has been ripping it up all weekend in Indianapolis.

Time is winding down on the season for the 4-Wheel Jamboree. The rainy, muddy, and miserable weekend in Lima led to a sticky, warm and muggy three days in Bloomsburg. In hopes of finding a middle ground, the weatherman could not have been more perfect in deciding how the skies ...

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The Snake’s Bite of Victory Opens Indy Jamboree

Thanks to the Snake's victory, the jamboree rivalry is tied in points.  PHOTO CREDIT:  Danny Maass.

The pinnacle of any season of any kind is the championship weekend.  It’s the World Series in baseball, the Stanley Cup in hockey, and the Super Bowl in football.  Every sport when it’s time to determine a champion ensures they are ready to go full tilt every single time the ...

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