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Time to Park It: Food City Dirt Race

No one had any idea what to expect on the dirt.  Now, we have no idea what to expect on the dirt next season.

It took over 24 hours to soak in what took place on Monday afternoon, because at the time we didn’t know if what was happening would be a one-and-done, and just left to wonder.  No one had any idea what could, or would, happen at a race that had not ...

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Dustin Off the Final Race: Season Finale 500

Season Finale 500

February 17, the 2020 season began with a repeat winner in the Daytona 500, and one driver in the hospital causing the entire racing community to be worried, but hopeful.  It went through the western swing of tracks. Then, it stopped. The pandemic stole away our sports, our escape, our ...

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Time to Park It: FanShield 500

It's the second time we've seen this image in 2020, as Joey Logano is the first with another win on his record.

Ok, time to get something off my chest…I completely forgot that this race would have a different feel to it compared to last year’s events at Phoenix.  It literally escaped my mind that the sanctioning body had a different aerodynamic package for the short tracks compared to the intermediate and ...

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Park It: Pennzoil 400 Presented by Jiffy Lube

Joey Logano once again rules Las Vegas.

With everyone’s weekend of gambling now pretty much complete, all chips cashed in and all the hotels seeing a rush of check outs come early morning, the NASCAR weekend in Las Vegas has come to an end.  At least until the playoffs arrive later this season. So it’s time to ...

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In Racing, It’s Be a Man, Or Be Treated as a Boy


Sunday’s action after the checkered flag waved adds another chapter to what seems to be the ever-ongoing encyclopedia of short-track action leading to short-track tempers.  But what happened afterwards, not from the man getting the grandfather clock, but two other individuals is what has long been a true standard in ...

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Parks Pit Report: Pennzoil 400 Presented by Jiffy Lube

Win No. 1 for Logano in 2019, and win No. 2 for the new Mustang.  Not a bad start to 2019 for Ford.

Well, needless to say everyone was anticipating an exciting, wild, and intense race with the entire new rules package put into full effect. A progressively banked race track, higher speeds, and utilizing the draft at a place outside of Daytona and Talladega meant there was a big opportunity for excitement, ...

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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Results Following the Ford EcoBoost 400

He beat the "Big Three" to capture a championship.  Joey Logano is the best in NASCAR this season.

It came down to one event.  Forget about the last 35 races.  Disregard the last nine weeks.  For NASCAR, it was down to one final race, winner take all.  Toss out the playoff points, forget about stage racing, and forget about everything else regarding the season. What mattered this week ...

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