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Dishman Sweeps, Vaters Salutes to Close Lima Weekend

Mike Vaters Jr. was not letting anything to chance on the final run of the weekend.

The final day of any 4-Wheel Jamboree is a mixture of emotions.  On the one hand, it signals the end of a weekend where 4×4’s, high horsepower, and uniqueness stand out to show off everyone’s individuality in their builds.  It means that when Monday comes, it’s back to work for ...

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Bigfoot and Raminator Double Up in Thrilling Second Day in Lima

"Stormin' Norman" let out his inner Wildfoot on Saturday afternoon.

Much is the case every year with every jamboree, Saturday’s festivities draw out the largest crowd, and often cause the largest anxiety among competitors.  There’s more to do, not as much time to repair, and there’s never any time to relax. The Allen County Fairgrounds began to really hustle as ...

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Raminator Rolls but Rallies for Final Bloomsburg Victory

Battered and broken, but repaired and redemption described Mark Hall's Sunday in Bloomsburg.

When the final show of the weekend comes for any 4-Wheel Jamboree, it’s both sad and also exciting.  It’s sad because the final day means things are drawing to a close, and people are realizing they have another duty to tend to come Monday.  But, it’s also exciting because often ...

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The Evolution Reigns as Mikey Vaters Jr. Sweeps Second Day in Lima

He wanted to make a splash, and Mikey Vaters Jr. took it to a new level.

As is common with the 4-Wheel Jamboree, the second day of the weekend festivities usually draws in the most spectators, and means that there’s more opportunity to interact with the teams, vendors, sponsors and more importantly to enjoy the time together.  The second day of the 2018 Lima Jamboree at ...

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