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Time to Park It: FanShield 500

It's the second time we've seen this image in 2020, as Joey Logano is the first with another win on his record.

Ok, time to get something off my chest…I completely forgot that this race would have a different feel to it compared to last year’s events at Phoenix.  It literally escaped my mind that the sanctioning body had a different aerodynamic package for the short tracks compared to the intermediate and ...

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Dustin Off the Next Race: FanShield 500

FanShield 500

Ever since the release of the 2020 schedule took place, with all the shifting of races and new experiences for the sport, the only thing I had to wonder about is Phoenix. Not that it’s a bad track nor the fans are not great, because it’s one of the more ...

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Three Titan Cup Winners Open March Leg of Hot Wheels Live

There were some battle scars, and a few differences, in the latest saga for HWMTL.

February was coming to a close, with one extra day to enjoy the competition, and the Hot Wheels Live U.S. Tour was ready to give fans a leap into the high-horsepower action on leap year weekend.  After a weekend in North Dakota, the tour made a short trip south and ...

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