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Biggest Lineup in Years to Highlight 4-Wheel Jamboree Season

It's a stacked field for the 2019 4-Wheel Jamboree season.

As the indoor season for a majority of the monster truck tours draws to a close during most of April, the spring season officially means outdoor venues get to prepare for some faster racing, some bigger obstacles, and the drivers get to “stretch the legs” of these machines.  Although many ...

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A New Titan Cup Champion Highlights Hot Wheels Weekend

It took almost all season, but finally every driver has a Titan Cup to their name.

This year it seems many of the major tours have gone from having a “first quarter” schedule to almost actually having a “first third” of the year being part of one tour.  That means more shows, and more opportunities for both victory and also breakage. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live ...

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Dustin Off The Next Race: Food City 500

Race Graphic

Finally a week where we don’t have to discuss qualifying, or the games being played that suddenly has become qualifying, and instead an off-track news story that honestly has gotten everyone feeling like they are almost 20 years younger. After a successful driving career that concluded in 2000, and a ...

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