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Anson Heats Up a Chilly Weekend for the Hot Wheels Tour

The competition simply could not keep up with Derick Anson this weekend.  He waved "bye" with a trophy in hand quite a bit.

It’s been quite the season thus far for the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour, as thousands of fans have seen the toys that can be bought in Target actually tear up the floor, with amazing results. Following a trip south, and with a chill lingering in the air, a ...

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V8 Bomber Spoils the Bigfoot Homecoming on the Hot Wheels Tour

Steven Snellen has found his groove, and decided put a damper on the Bigfoot homecoming.  PHOTO CREDIT:  Rebecca Schnell

The great song by Jon Bon Jovi that said, “Who says you can’t go home?”  Heading home is a sense of belonging, security, comfort and enjoyment.  That is something that can happen in sports every single week.  College teams love playing in front of their home crowd because of the ...

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Choose Wisely when Heading to an Arena Monster Truck Show

They don't call it the Toughest Monster Truck Tour just to sound catchy.

This time of year, monster truck fans are always looking for that show that is worth the trip.  Factor in how far the show is from home, the amount for tickets, gas to get there, and even a hotel as needed. Stadium shows at the larger venues are always the ...

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