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Dustin Off the Next Race: Toyota/Save Mart 350

Toyota-Save Mart 350

Here we come to a road less traveled, with a bit of a detour and a ride off into the sunset.  Three different journeys will come to their conclusion when the green flag drops this afternoon. Let’s begin with the detour, one that has pretty much everyone excited, because they ...

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NASCAR Cannot, and Will Not, Hand Out a Justified Penalty

NASCAR just can't get it right in the punishment category.

Name one time in recent memory where NASCAR got it right when it came to penalizing a driver?  Not speaking of things that are outside the control of the one at the wheel, like a lug nut or inspection failures, but for something the driver actually did on or off ...

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Dishman Sweeps, Vaters Salutes to Close Lima Weekend

Mike Vaters Jr. was not letting anything to chance on the final run of the weekend.

The final day of any 4-Wheel Jamboree is a mixture of emotions.  On the one hand, it signals the end of a weekend where 4×4’s, high horsepower, and uniqueness stand out to show off everyone’s individuality in their builds.  It means that when Monday comes, it’s back to work for ...

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