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Horsepower Rewind: The Battle and Battlescars of a Championship

The 2011 jamboree finale was a wild one for Team Bigfoot.

When I decided to do a series looking back on some wild moments I had gotten to experience in all my years of being a media member, I wanted to figure out what ones meant the most, and the ones that originally got me in the door for something I ...

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Horsepower Rewind: Hall Brothers Chaos in Bloomsburg

Raminator carnage

The amount of boredom and emptiness that has entered into the world these days due to COVID-19 has many of us stuck at home, wondering when it will get back to some sense of normalcy.  Every day, more testing means more positive cases, and more questions as to what are ...

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Dustin Off The…Uncertainty: Where to Go From Here

This image speaks volumes for what the sports world is feeling.  A lot of emptiness has entered the sports world.

In life, a lot of things are certain no matter what the circumstances.  Death is a certainty, as are taxes.  But now, this entire world has a feeling of uncertainty, and unknown.  For many of us, sports in general is a release from everyday issues, since it gives a chance ...

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