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Louisville’s Hometown Driver Sweeps Latest Hot Wheels Weekend

The Hot Wheels tour had a special guest for a little while in Louisville.

As the calendar drew closer to the beginning of spring, and also with a green celebration on the horizon, the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour decided to get involved as they had been on a rest for a couple weeks.  In a way, it was the tour’s Spring Break, ...

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Parks Pit Report: Auto Club 400

A bicentennial win deserving of a celebration.  Photo Credit:  Sal Sigala Jr.

200…a number that is celebrated in many different ways, depending on the setting. When the calendar hit 1976, the entire country celebrated big on July 4, as the United States hit the bicentennial mark in honor of their defeat of the British in the Revolutionary War.  Multiple towns, large or ...

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Dustin Off The Next Race: Auto Club 400

Race Graphic

As we embark on the final leg on the western ride for NASCAR, it comes on a day where green is abundant among many, even if they are only Irish for one day.  The meal, some excellent corned beef, some with a little extra kick of pepper, or a pepper ...

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