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The Jamboree Season Has New Feeling in New Decade

New decade, new lineup, new personnel for the 2020 jamboree.

When the 2019 season came to a close on the jamboree tour, everyone was wondering exactly what Bonnier Corporation had planned as the new decade was nearing.  The season saw many changes over the several months that saw Lima, Bloomsburg, and Indianapolis host events.  Some things looked promising, while others ...

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Horsepower Rewind: Looks Like a Storm’s Coming

Bloomsburg in 2009 was not exactly "Fair Weather Friendly" on the busiest day.

The fourth installment in my Horsepower Rewind series is again heading back to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  But, I’m doing so in a way before I got into this business, and was just going as a fan to enjoy my time away from work.  This time, however, it is not about the ...

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Horsepower Rewind: The Debut that Held Off Digger Devastation

The debut of this truck was one that would have won a world championship.

Not having the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas beginning last year had a different feeling to it.  Sam Boyd Stadium, already set for demolition later in 2020, was hosting a regular event, and later the All-Star Challenge, but when one thinks of Monster Jam in that city, it ...

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