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2020 Schedule: Some Win, Some Lose, and One Challenge

One track that won big in the schedule shakeup was Martinsville, while others lost out.

The mystery, the questions, rumors and gossip can now come to an end.  We now know that when the turn of the century comes on the calendar, NASCAR has an entirely new look for the schedule. The talk of what could happen, and even what should happen, has been going ...

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Parks Pit Report: STP 500

Brad Keselowski didn't win Martinsville.  He ROUTED Martinsville.

It’s all about that grandfather clock.  It is possibly the most coveted trophy in the sport outside of the Harley J. Earl Trophy that is given at the end of the Daytona 500.  Many want to earn this trophy more than Daytona, and some got theirs after winning Daytona.  Just ...

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Dustin Off The Next Race: STP 500

Race Graphic

Finally, we get to not discuss drafting, positioning, and using the other cars to gain speed for a pass.  Short track racing has arrived for 2019, and the best way to bring it in…is with the shortest of all. We have seen over the years, including as recent as last ...

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