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February Familiarity: Schnell and Anson Overall Winners in Hot Wheels Tour

Who took home another Titan Cup?  A pair of familiar faces, that's who.

From the first opening weekend to the middle of February, the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live inaugural campaign has been all about bringing the tiny die-casts available in store an online to life.  For a small $4 purchase, a kid’s day is made.  But then, to see that small truck ...

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Choose Wisely when Heading to an Arena Monster Truck Show

They don't call it the Toughest Monster Truck Tour just to sound catchy.

This time of year, monster truck fans are always looking for that show that is worth the trip.  Factor in how far the show is from home, the amount for tickets, gas to get there, and even a hotel as needed. Stadium shows at the larger venues are always the ...

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New Venue Brings Familiar Results for Stop Two of Hot Wheels Tour

Darron Schnell took home his second Titan Cup over the weekend.  He and Bigfoot are looking like a major threat for a championship.

Was the first week a fluke…could a new tour actually sustain the success rate from their first three-show weekend immediately into the second venture? Everyone was thinking if all the hype that was coming leading into the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live season was just going to have a great ...

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Monster Moments 2018: Skills and Talent Elevated the Industry

The monster industry has seen the skills and talents of it's drivers elevate beyond expectations.

The Christmas season is here in full force.  The only sports that are happening at this moment involve yard lines, backboards, and ice skates.  No one is even looking at the industries that involve power, an big tires.  Those teams are instead in the process of tearing down, resetting for ...

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