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Let the Madness Return: Hot Wheels Ready to Hit the Road in September

The new tour hitting the circuit brings out the kid in all of us.

March 8, 2020, was the final day before the entire world shut down as Covid-19 took away all the things that people enjoyed doing.  Concert tours were halted, sports suddenly stopped; socializing became nonexistent.  It was a day where what felt like everyday life had ended. For the Hot Wheels ...

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IMTHOF Grand Opening: Permanent Memories from a Permanent Home

How it all started is now preserved in Butler, Indiana.

The 2020 season for monster trucks in general was one that got erased when the pandemic struck.  Shows canceled, trucks sat idle, and some single-truck operations ended up selling equipment and found something new to do with no certain future in the industry.  But one positive that came about was ...

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Finally Permanent: Monster Truck Hall of Fame Finds Its Home

The Hall of Fame and Museum is in Auburn, Indiana, but only until spring.

Forever Home…words a husband and wife, their kids, and family all eventually want to have.  A place that they know exactly where they will grow up, make memories, and never have to leave.  Families long to have that, and once it is achieved, everyone knows where it is, and sometimes ...

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Shining, Flying, and Roaring Make the Indy Jamboree a Wild Weekend in 2020

Get a load of this...the Dirt Crew was flying high in Indianapolis.

All summer and into the fall, all that many people wanted to do is simply get out.  Being forced to stay home, then potentially finally seeing a way to get out, only to see it ripped away, has taken away many vacation opportunities for so many folks.  Amusement parks either ...

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Social Distance and Horsepower Highlight the Jamboree’s Return

Some new faces, but familiar surroundings, helped bring some sense of enjoyment to the jamboree faithful.

In an era of uncertainty of what could come tomorrow, the biggest question that gets asked is, “When can we get together?”  With so many different state requirements, regulations, and requests, the idea of when often gets changed to “If we can get together,” as no one had an idea.  ...

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The Jamboree Season Has New Feeling in New Decade

New decade, new lineup, new personnel for the 2020 jamboree.

When the 2019 season came to a close on the jamboree tour, everyone was wondering exactly what Bonnier Corporation had planned as the new decade was nearing.  The season saw many changes over the several months that saw Lima, Bloomsburg, and Indianapolis host events.  Some things looked promising, while others ...

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Horsepower Rewind: Looks Like a Storm’s Coming

Bloomsburg in 2009 was not exactly "Fair Weather Friendly" on the busiest day.

The fourth installment in my Horsepower Rewind series is again heading back to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  But, I’m doing so in a way before I got into this business, and was just going as a fan to enjoy my time away from work.  This time, however, it is not about the ...

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