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Dustin Off the Next Race: South Point 400

It feels weird for NASCAR to go to a track where all the glitz and glamour of such a tourist town is not going to be able to see the racing.  Las Vegas, much like the weekend at Richmond and so many others this season, are not hosting fans for the opening race in this Round of 12.

But this is certainly a weekend that is going to be important for so many in the playoffs, especially considering where next weekend’s event is.

However, for one driver, coming to Las Vegas may be a reprieve since NASCAR has already been here once.

Let’s face it, this season has not been one to write home about for the Las Vegas native known as Kyle Busch.  It seemed like the year started off pretty decent, and then we got shut down.  Ever since coming back, with no qualifying, no practice, no track time except right when the green flag waves, this team has been behind.  But last week, at the best track for the Rowdy one, it seemed like he found something and was almost…ALMOST…there for the win.

But second place was not enough for him, and in a sense he called out his team immediately after.  Basically he already made it clear he didn’t expect to make it out of this round.

Something just seems different with this Rowdy this season, as if he’s just not confident in his team, his car…but certainly not himself.

Whether that makes his team realize they need to do something to make things better, or whether he has to adapt still to this process for the remainder of the season.  But him actually flat out saying he won’t make the Round of 8 is something enormous from the defending champion.  Considering he has not won a race this season, maybe there is some basis on his thinking.  He knows what talent he has, but this season has become one that he wants to forget, probably the same for many.

At the same time, now the sport is returning to tracks they have already raced at, and this year Las Vegas was the second event of the season prior to the shut down.

Historically, this track has been good for this team, so of this round, this is their best bet to win.

But for any playoff driver, they want to win this week so they don’t have to worry about Talladega next Sunday, or for that matter the uncertainty that does come with the Charlotte Roval.  So, a win this weekend for any of the playoff drivers takes so much pressure off their back not just for next week, but the entire round.

Whether that winner could be Busch, or the dominant Kevin Harvick, or someone else is uncertain.  But we are ready to roll the dice and hope they don’t end up on snake eyes.

Someone is hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas, withou ta doubt.

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