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Dustin Off the Next Race: Federated Auto Parts 400

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With all the chaos and the retro vibe now behind the sport, NASCAR’s first round of the playoffs certainly now has a much different feeling.  The first race was at the most unique track on the schedule, but the ensuing two weeks of this round will be the biggest deciding factors, whether one is in the playoffs or on the outside looking in.

Although no fans will be in the seats, having the second race in this round at Richmond is a perfect setting.

Already after last week, some tempers are hot, and some drivers are in a mindset of nothing left to lose, just go for victory.  Some drivers…haven’t won all season, and historically have been strong contenders at this place.  Others…just want a win after not being there for a long time.

This place is “Racing Perfection” for a reason, since there’s so much that can be done at this rather unique short track.

That seems to have been a big discussion this week, since another facility is deciding to go from what is an enormous, sweeping, high-speed track to a real short circuit.  Honestly I like the idea of more short tracks on the circuit, just like when NASCAR had the push for having a road course as part of the playoffs.  What happened…the Roval.

However, a short track in an area that is already hosting a plethora of short tracks that have already been constructed, not a fan of.

The Auto Club Speedway layout is getting reworked to sort of having a look of if one took the current layout and combined it with the old Daytona beach course and threw in the Martinsville corners.  The straightaways seem to be extremely long, turns extremely tight…to me the rendering plans for the transformation do not look good.

Do not get me wrong, short track racing is something I just enjoy.  My dad may disagree with me, but that is another story.

Still, adding short tracks is a good idea, but they need to be in places that maybe don’t have a lot of tracks to host such races.  But, the plans are under way to it become a reality, so I suppose we have to just accept it and move on.

What is for certain, is that a pair of short tracks to reduce the field from a sweet 16 to a dirty dozen will likely involve some maneuvers one could call “racing incidents” or a few that could be considered a “bump-and-run”, and maybe even some payback involving a bumper, a wall, and some hurt feelings after.

I am very pleased with this, since it means that just to make it into the next round, we could potentially see a complete throwdown between drivers right on the bubble.

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