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Dustin Off the Next Race: Super Start Batteries 400

These weekday, or as they have been weeknight, races since the sport returned have in a sense given a little life into the sport for many reasons.  This truly showcases the teams that are prepared back at the shop to have cars ready to go not just for a Sunday run, but then a turnaround in a few days to have yet another car ready to hit the track, often a separate one from what was run days prior.

When the sport returned in May with successive races at both Darlington and Charlotte, it tested the teams to have a car literally ready for race day when unloaded from the truck.

It says something when the team at team headquarters are now the ones relying the most in getting the car ready for the race rather than the at-track crew, usually due to having a couple practice sessions.  Teams now need to rely on those notes even more because they have to prepare one car, load it on the truck, and while the team is heading to the track, and sometimes even while the race is in progress, they are preparing the next car for the next race.  When there’s mere days between one checkered flag, and the next green flag, no team can rest.

NASCAR has seen the teams adapt extremely well to this setup, and that’s possibly a motivating factor in their decision to omit qualifying and practice from all races for the remainder of the season.  It means no risk of having to prepare a backup car to unload and get ready, which means that car that would be the backup instead can be used for another race, on another day.

Personally, I like this setup and these weekday races prove that rather than prepare two cars for potentially one weekend, instead they are preparing one car for Sunday, and then focus all attention to getting that second car ready for say Thursday, as is the case this week.

Certainly makes sense in how the schedule worked out since we are going from the heat in Texas to the Kansas plains.

Hopefully we don’t see any tornadoes on the way there, or any flying monkeys.  But then again, in recent years, many have not referred to “Oz” as the sanctioning body, especially this season since for eight weeks, the sport was not allowed near the track, let alone the road to the track.

The Wizard came up with a strong plan to get NASCAR back to the track, even without people in the stands to root them on, and that plan has worked.

The new era of NASCAR weekends will stick around a while, so let’s see who has the right formula from the shop directly to the track for the remainder of the year.  No practice…no sweat.  No qualifying…no need.  No preparation at the track…fine.  Let’s have at it.

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