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Dustin Off The…Uncertainty: Where to Go From Here

This image speaks volumes for what the sports world is feeling. A lot of emptiness has entered the sports world.

In life, a lot of things are certain no matter what the circumstances.  Death is a certainty, as are taxes.  But now, this entire world has a feeling of uncertainty, and unknown.  For many of us, sports in general is a release from everyday issues, since it gives a chance to be happy, jovial, and express ourselves in a way we can’t do at our normal jobs.

Suddenly, our release and our opportunity to escape life’s troubles…is gone.

One by one, the sports we watch every weekend, or week night, and sometimes attend now are…done.  We have no bracket to fill out to determine who is the best college team on the hardwood.  There is no series to determine the best in the NBA, and now Lord Stanley’s Cup is tucked away to not be handed out on the ice.  Colleges have decided for the remainder of the semester, no practices are taking place, and any plans for gatherings now are put on hiatus.

NASCAR has followed, with the next two weeks seeing garages silent, grandstands vacant, and tailgating nonexistent.

Our escape from life has been halted.  What brings us together, as a fan base, now is taken away from us.  Should we be concerned…of course, people have a right to be concerned.  At the same time, being concerned and panicking are different entities.

Right now, we all are in a panicking state since we don’t know what is next.  We are wondering if, not when…IF, life will get back to normal.  Our sanctuary, our release, from our everyday struggles has been ripped from us.  So what are we to do when the time comes on Sunday when the green flag is supposed to wave?

Maybe to keep the motorsports theme going, throw in the Dale DVD and remember a hero that was stolen from us.  There’s always an option to listen to the Dale Jr. Download, since we all know he has a take on the sport, and it’s current happenings.

For those that enjoy a monster affair, such as me and many others, their season has been halted.  Although not being able to perform in front of thousands of people in a packed stadium hurts, many of those teams have to travel on their own to make the show, and now that means money they spent now is not being recouped, since they have to travel back without any earnings.  It is a tough deal since that money would ultimately go to either fuel to get to the next show, or repairs prior to the next show.

At the same time, having a couple weeks off for some teams would mean some much needed time to get repairs done the right way, instead of the fast way.

One thing that comes to mind with all that has gone on the last several days is a reminder of when the sports world stood still after 9/11.  Baseball, football, racing and many other events came to a halt as our country mourned the loss of so many, at the hands of evil.  The difference is, as was seen on the cover of Sports Illustrated that week, it was only “The Week That Sports Stood Still.”

In this case, life has come to a standstill.  We will have no March Madness, potentially no Stanley Cup Playoffs, and no gate drop for Supercross.

Life has come to a standstill.  We have literally dusted off uncertainty, with no way to tell what is next.  Can we hit the reset button on 2020, or treat it like the old Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges, where we take it out, blow on them and reinsert to get it reset and working again?


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