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Snellen Snags Two Titan Cups on Chilly Hot Wheels Weekend

It was a repeat of last weekend as the V8 Bomber dominated Bismark. FAN PHOTO: Deb Wishard

It’s never easy when there’s hardly any rest for the weary during the first quarter of monster action.  Every weekend means possibly a trip back to the shop for major repairs, or possibly having to do repairs on the road at another team’s shop just to make it to the next show.  But sometimes, there’s not many options when heading to the next show, and one has to do the repairs on the road.

The Hot Wheels Live tour had a bit of a trip north over the weekend, to the point of the next northern border that would be crossed would mean passports for all.  Week eight for the tour meant a trip to the most northern of the states in the midwest, to North Dakota.  Specifically, the Bismark Events Center in Bismark, for a two-day slate of shows.

By the time the tour prepared for it’s first matinee of the weekend, the crowd already began filing in when the Crash Zone opened up.

The fans surely felt right at home by the time the parade of trucks and introductions took place, and it was then time to start the afternoon in the right way, soaring to the skies for the wheelie competition.  Each truck looked to the roof, but it was the retro fitted Bigfoot machine of Rodney Tweedy that got the fans on their feet the most, as he took the opening win.

It came as no surprise as to who had the donut contest locked down.  Steven Snellen continued his win streak another show with smoking rubber and a steering wheel out the window.  His truck wasn’t as strong on the launch pad, as Bobby Holman made the Tiger Shark leap over the car stack like a rocket.  Three events in, and three different winners.  The Titan Cup was still up for grabs.  Host Ken Navitsky pointed out shortly after that the drivers play to their strengths to get the first win, but it’s trying to get the second that has become key in determining the Titan Cup champion.

After intermission, the Cup still wasn’t clearly in hand, as Cody Holman was the one making his way through the racing bracket to take home his first victory of the weekend in the resident hot rod.

It all came down to freestyle, as points were tight, and it could ultimately come down to just one run to make the declaration of who won the overall show that much harder.  For officials, Snellen made that very easy, as his run was an absolute spectacle of a show, one that gave him that critical second win on the afternoon.  That second win gave him enough points to capture another Titan Cup on the season, one he carried with him all the way to the autograph table to meet the fans once the show concluded.


  • Wheelies:  Rodney Tweedy, Bigfoot
  • Donuts:  Steven Snellen, V8 Bomber
  • Long Jump:  Bobby Holman, Tiger Shark
  • Racing Champion:  Cody Holman, Bone Shaker
  • Freestyle:  Steven Snellen, V8 Bomber
  • TITAN CUP CHAMPION:  Steven Snellen, V8 Bomber


In between shows, the track crew had only a few hours to maneuver new metal into the arena, and reset the tires for the cars to sit on for the evening show.

Some fans decided to double up on the Saturday slate of shows, ready to see what could happen after a rest period and see who could take home the Titan Cup for a second time.  What they got, at least the ones who decided to take in both shows, was a repeat.

Not just a mirror image, but an exact repeat of earlier.

Every competition from the afternoon event, although different results in each individual competition, had the same winner declared.  Wheelies again went to Tweedy, while Snellen added in another in donuts.  The Holmans then repeated each of their victories, with the Shark in the long jump and the Bone Shaker hot rod again being racing champion.

Snellen then finished out the night with yet another freestyle victory, and another Titan Cup.  Although all the drivers made their way to the autograph line for the fans, the crews were already working hard to get prepared for Sunday’s show, but the track crew was not the only one needing to do work before the final performance.


  • Wheelies:  Rodney Tweedy, Bigfoot
  • Donuts:  Steven Snellen, V8 Bomber
  • Long Jump:  Bobby Holman, Tiger Shark
  • Racing Champion:  Cody Holman, Bone Shaker
  • Freestyle:  Steven Snellen, V8 Bomber
  • TITAN CUP CHAMPION:  Steven Snellen, V8 Bomber


Trying to prepare for the Sunday show is often easy, in a way, since there’s more time to get the trucks reset and often at least an opportunity to get some rest.  But, the Bigfoot team was not exactly resting, considering their Saturday night had some torn up equipment.

Tweedy’s run in freestyle ended extremely quick, but justifiably in reasoning.  During a hit on one of the car stacks, the truck soared in the air and twisted.  Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t have been a big deal, but Tweedy’s run was immediately in trouble.  When he hit the stack, the throttle hung wide open and as the truck twisted it landed hard on the back of the chassis, bending the body mounts and also doing damage to both the right bedside and the tailgate.

Track officials let the move happen, and also try to let him fix the issue, but seeing the truck land still under power, the safety crew hit the remote ignition interrupter and shut the truck down.  It was by far the spookiest moment of the weekend to that point, but it meant a long night of repairs was on the way.

By Sunday, the truck was pieced back together, and ready to roll, thanks to Tweedy’s crewman, and son, Logan, plus Christian Norman and the Hot Wheels Racing 1 crew.  Even Norman’s brother, Phillip, who used to work right alongside his brother at Bigfoot, jumped in to make sure the truck would make the show.

He did just that, and once another Crash Zone was cleaned up, the opportunity to have an entire case of deja vu was on the horizon.

That quickly ended because Tweedy was not going to win the wheelie contest.  Instead, the Bone Shaker pointed the skull to the roof to take the opening win of the night.

The next three events all resulted in three-peats.  Snellen again took donuts, the Tiger Shark in long jump, and Bone Shaker once again in racing.  The difference between the previous two shows and the Sunday program, Cody Holman had one-up on the field entering freestyle.  Trying to ensure the Titan Cup was heading to Ohio was a challenge, but one he was up to face.

This time, it did not happen, as Derick Anson roared to life for the final event in the Demo Derby Cadillac, and tore up the floor in every which way possible.

Anson’s victory was of little comfort, as the Bone Shaker would take home the Titan Cup.  That meant in the end, all three Cups from a week ago at all three shows went to the same drivers and trucks.  Two for the V8 Bomber, and one for the Bone Shaker.  If there ever was truth to history repeating itself, this week proved it to be real.


  • Wheelies:  Cody Holman, Bone Shaker
  • Donuts:  Steven Snellen, V8 Bomber
  • Long Jump:  Bobby Holman, Tiger Shark
  • Racing Champion:  Cody Holman, Bone Shaker
  • Freestyle:  Derick Anson, Demo Derby
  • TITAN CUP CHAMPION:  Cody Holman, Bone Shaker


The leap year is coming this weekend, and there’s no slowing down for the tour.  At least, not yet.

Another two-day slate is on the horizon as the tour makes a short trip south, and slightly east, to Rockford, Illinois at the BMO Harris Bank Center.  Same field of trucks, same expectations.  Another round of Cups are up for grabs, so get those tickets to see the diecasts come

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