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Dustin Off the Next Race: Coke Zero Sugar 400

As Sir Isaac Newton once wrote, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

That is exactly my thought process right now when it comes to the type of racing we now are seeing at the former “plate” tracks of Talladega and Daytona.  The reason why is because of this new package having such an effect on the draft, especially in the ability to pull up and make maneuvers when it was almost impossible with the restrictor plates under the E.F.I.

Now, that being said, we all know that in this kind of racing, mainly relying on the draft, blocking has become part of racing.  We may not be fans of this style, but the reality is that it has become part of how drivers have to handle these races.

But, when one driver basically declares his attitude when a block is “bad” as he puts it, there are certainly going to be a lot of reactions, both in talks and on track.

Brad Keselowski officially said he is tired of bad blocks and that he was not lifting if a driver throws a bad block on him.  Well then, let’s take a hypothetical look at his attitude in both aspects.  When he says he’s not lifting, it peaks every driver’s interest because then they both know how he is going to race the field, and also how they must race him.  They already know he’s drawn a line in the sand, or asphalt, and is not going to care what happens.  So, they now must race accordingly.

By doing so, Keselowski pretty much has painted himself into a corner.

If one driver makes the wrong move, and makes that type of block, Keselowski is not letting up to give that driver a chance to correct.  It appears he is instead staying in the gas, and taking them out.  If that’s the case, where and when this happens could potentially hurt many others, and that’s not just including the other 38 cars on the track.

Should that block happen at the beginning of the race, at the front of the field, that move could easily take out so many more cars, and take a 40-car field and make it a 20-car field in a matter of moments.

We’ve seen a huge wreck happen early in these races before.  Go back to 2010 when Jeff Gordon and many others got taken out on lap 6 at Talladega, many who were fast in practice and considered ones to beat on that afternoon.

So, is he going to not lift on lap 6 of 160, and turn a fellow competitor who tried to stop momentum, thus causing a wreck that would take out many others, and even himself?

“I’m not lifting.”  Three words that quite possibly will define how tonight will go.  Whether they come true is yet to be determined, or decided.  But, those three words have become a creed for tonight’s race.  Let’s strap in, grab a soda, and hang on for what certainly will be a wild one, with fireworks guaranteed.

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