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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Results Following the Can-Am 500

A smoke show from the "Candy Man" meant a title opportunity.

When there’s one final opportunity to achieve a goal, everything gets put on the line.  It’s the final drive with under two minutes remaining in the Super Bowl, and it means drive down to put the kicker in position to split the uprights.  It’s the remaining inbound pass to drive down the court to shoot the winning basket.

Much like the final out in the Divisional Series, with a shot at the big trophy on the line, and the winning run is on third, or the game-winning power-play goal to put Lord Stanley’s Cup within reach.

It’s not the big moment, yet, but it brings it that much closer.

On Sunday, one driver had to battle through the field to secure his spot to potentially win a championship after a final 267 lap event.  The “Jewel in the Desert” on the newly reformatted ISM Raceway turned out to be the “Candy Man” himself.  The M&M’s were flowing, and it was Kyle Busch deciding to take a bow, and waltz right into the Championship 4 with pride.

He joins his fellow “Big 3″ contenders, and Joey Logano, in a quest to finally clinch the championship.

His win, surprisingly, did not gain anyone a victory this week, but a costly penalty from last weekend made things interesting.  Had those 20 points been added in, the title race would have a slightly different look.  It meant one man was in, and another was out, meaning the one that was out no longer can defend a championship from a season ago.

Your Championship 4 in the Horsepower Fantasy Racing League are set.  Here they are following the Can-Am 500:


Trisha Rodisch – 5000 – Denny Hamlin finished 13th (7)

Penny Whitecotton – 5000 – Jimmie Johnson finished 15th (7)

Misan Akuya – 5000 – Kevin Harvick finished 5th (4)

Billy Fellin – 5000 – Kevin Harvick finished 5th (5)

Ashley Hobbs – 2281 – Kurt Busch finished 32nd (5)

Sal Sigala Jr. – 2279 – Kurt Busch finished 32nd (4)

Dustin Parks – 2251 – Jimmie Johnson finished 15th (2)

Rob Tiongson – 2236 – Kevin Harvick finished 5th (4)

Rob Blount – 2209 – NO PICK SENT (2)


Next Race:  For 35 races, it’s been about earning points, winning races, winning stages, and tallying the Playoff points for seeding.  In one race, all those statistics mean nothing.

As the line once said for NBC’s Sunday Night Football, “Got a battle tonight, winner take all.”

The final race of the year, whether it’s a playoff driver or the other 36 teams in attendance, this is all about winning a race.  But for those four that earned the right to compete for a championship, it’s one race to decide it all.  Things are even.  There’s no seeding, there’s no playoff points, and there’s no more excuses.  It is one race, heads up, the first man to cross the line on lap 267 will hoist up a trophy for being the best driver, the best team, on the 2018 season.

You four participants, pay attention to your email this week not just for your picks, but for a follow up once those are sent in.  However, for one final time this season, you all have a deadline to meet, and due to the importance of this event the deadline is extended.  Have those picks locked in by FRIDAY, November 16, at 5 p.m. ET for the season-finale Ford EcoBoost 400.

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