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1000Bulbs.com 500

Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Picks for the 1000Bulbs.com 500

The first round of the Playoffs had familiar surroundings in new places, but the biggest race of the round was one that could be defined with one word:  unknown.  A new track, new layout, a new way to close out a round of racing brought so many unknowns to NASCAR, it was unprecedented.

The unknown that week was the track and the layout.  The unknown of the second round has long been used to the term for years.

It’s a place where the unknown is not about the layout, as the track has been the same for nearly 50 years.  It’s not the distance, nor is it an unknown of the kind of racing that takes place, although it is a last of it’s type as of next year.  Instead, the unknown that comes from here is…when.  When will one make the right move, or when will one make the wrong move?  When should one make the charge, or most importantly, when will the big incident happen?

This is what comes from Talladega when the restrictor plates get mounted on.  Come 2019, those plates come off with a completely different setup to be used.  In a sense, it is another unknown, but that will come once the calendar reaches May.

The final unknown for this event…the picks.

With everyone striking out last week, all spots for the third round are still in play.  Is it about victory this week, or is it about survival?  That’s for everyone to decide, but here are those picks for victory, or survival, in the 1000Bulbs.com 500:

NOTE-Names in all CAPS are still in Playoffs.


MISAN AKUYA:  Kurt Busch

What a crapshoot.  Kurt either gets a top three finish or crashes at the plate races.  I’ll take my chances with him.

Rob Blount:  Ryan Blaney

No reason given.

BILLY FELLIN:  Brad Keselowski

No reason given.

ASHLEY HOBBS:  Joey Logano

No reason given.

DUSTIN PARKS:  Brad Keselowski

I didn’t expect to having a need to load the gun with the big bullets entering Talladega.  But, here’s the facts, currently I’m 58 points out of the lead, and one of the two currently that could be eliminated.  The max amount of points to get on Sunday is 60, although unlikely when it comes to this place.  However, I’m trusting in that Penske power to get me to the front and to victory lane.  Sure, that win may mean only 40 points.  But at that point, it doesn’t matter where I am in standings because I’ll be locked in for the third round.


No reason given.

SAL SIGALA JR:  Brad Keselowski

No reason given.

ROB TIONGSON:  Joey Logano

Most of the focus will be on Brad Keselowski and Chase Elliott.  Rightfull so, as both have fast rides at Daytona and Talladega. However, I’m going with Logano.  If not for a win, he can get me a good top-five to make up points!


No reason given.


Playoff Standings following Dover:

Penny Whitecotton – 3074 – Clint Bowyer finished 35th (7) 56

Billy Fellin – 3067 – Martin Truex Jr. finished 15th (5) 36

Ashley Hobbs – 3067 – Kyle Busch finished 8th (5) 26

Misan Akuya – 3041 – Clint Bowyer finished 35th (4) 23

Sal Sigala Jr. – 3041 – Clint Bowyer finished 35th (4) 23

Trisha Rodisch – 3035 – Jimmie Johnson finished 36th (6) 34

Rob Tiongson – 3023 – Jimmie Johnson finished 36th (4) 22

Dustin Parks – 3016 – Jimmie Johnson finished 36th (2) 15

Rob Blount – 2147 – Kevin Harvick finished 6th (2)


Summary of Picks:

Brad Keselowski-3

Joey Logano-2

Ryan Blaney-1

Kurt Busch-1

Kyle Busch-1

Kyle Larson-1

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