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Overton's 400

Horspower Fantasy Racing: Picks for the Overton’s 400

When the temperature goes up, it’s the heart of the NASCAR season.  However, sometimes when the temperature goes up, it effects a lot more than just the racing surface.

Everyone can feel the effects of heat, and humidity can take even the toughest of people down from simply not being hydrated.  Drivers may have a cool box in their car to keep their body temperature down, but when that fails, they are at the mercy of the sun, and time.

Just ask Ricky Rudd.  He to this day is known for how he somehow survived going 500 laps at Martinsville in a scorching car, on an extremely warm fall afternoon, where on the first lap his cool suit failed.  The images of him being pulled from the car, red as a ripe tomato, exhausted and dripping in sweat, still resonate.

Today’s cars are a lot more equipped for the heat, but that doesn’t mean the drivers are escaping the temperatures.

This weekend’s race at Chicagoland Speedway will be a hot one, as drivers, teams, and fans will have to keep hydrated in some way.  Those that will bring beer with them may need some water to compensate, because in this heat, it will put the toughest of men down for the count.

Hoping to escape the heat, but stay hot in a different way, is the League, as they rush into the NBC portion of the schedule hoping they can keep their momentum strong, while others are trying to make their way back up in the standings.

Let’s see who they decided for victory in the Overton’s 400:


Misan Akuya:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.

Rob Blount:  Kevin Harvick

Just can’t bet against him really anywhere.

Billy Fellin:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.

Ashley Hobbs:  Martin Truex Jr.

No reason given.

Dustin Parks:  Martin Truex Jr.

There’s no denying the two best cars this season are Harvick and Rowdy, but Truex Jr. is coming off a win last week and it was about this time a year ago when his summer stride not only began to really take shape, but it was clear he was the class of the field.  I’m expecting a 3-horse race after Sunday.

Trisha Rodisch:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.

Sal Sigala Jr:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.

Rob Tiongson:  Ryan Blaney

I expect him to be running down a dream to Victory Lane for NBCSN’s first NASCAR race of this season!

Penny Whitecotton:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.


Standings following Sonoma:

Sal Sigala Jr. – 605 – Martin Truex Jr. WON (4) 22

Ashley Hobbs – 575 – Clint Bowyer finished 3rd (5) 26

Penny Whitecotton – 572 – Kevin Harvick finished 2nd (5) 25

Trisha Rodisch – 569 – Clint Bowyer finished 3rd (4) 22

Rob Tiongson – 569 – Clint Bowyer finished 3rd (2) 10

Misan Akuya – 522 – Jamie McMurray finished 37th (4) 22

Dustin Parks – 522 – Kyle Larson finished 14th (0) 2

Rob Blount – 504 – Kyle Busch finished 5th (2) 13

Billy Fellin – 491 – Clint Bowyer finished 3rd (3) 19


Summary of Picks:

Kevin Harvick-6

Martin Truex Jr-2

Ryan Blaney-1

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