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Champion Drivers Come to Champion City for Monster Jam’s Return to Philly

Last time Monster Jam went to the big stadium in Philadelphia, Dennis Anderson had a special look on the Grave Digger.

It has been a long time since a big summer motorsports event has come to the Philadelphia area.  The 2018 calendar year has already been one to remember for the City of Brotherly Love.  In February, the Eagles finally after so long brought home a Lombardi Trophy, taking down the defending champions in the process.

The 76ers had a strong season in the NBA, and the Flyers managed to make it to the first round of the NHL Playoffs.  But when it comes to horsepower, the area doesn’t see much.

The last time a major motorsport even came to the area, it was six years ago.  It was at the same field where the Eagles in January clinched a conference title, and a trip to the Super Bowl.  After so long, the time is approaching to welcome back the biggest monster truck promotion to Lincoln Financial Field.  Yes, on Cinco de Mayo, Monster Jam returns to “The Linc.”

It means some of the biggest names are making the trip out east, including two former champions plus the two current champions.

What makes this ironic is that one current champion is actually making his debut in Philadelphia, considering that six years ago, he was to compete here but was pulled.

Ryan Anderson in his early career was setting the Monster Jam nation on it’s ear since the moment he debuted the Son-uva Digger Willy’s truck.  But months prior to when he was set to make his Philly debut, an unfortunate moment at the Las Vegas World Finals put that immediately on hold.  Anderson had to stay in Vegas for a few more days, staying in a hospital bed as he recovered from suffering a broken neck.  His truck sat idle for months, before making a return later that year as if nothing had ever happened.

Adam Anderson makes his return to Philly, but this time instead of a blue and grey Digger, he's in the flagship truck.
Adam Anderson makes his return to Philly, but this time instead of a blue and grey Digger, he’s in the flagship truck.

Finally, the Pennsylvania faithful will get their chance to witness the natural talent that Anderson has.

He enters Philly as last year’s world racing champion, and is officially this year’s world freestyle champion.  He became the first driver since Tom Meents to be the final truck out to freestyle in Las Vegas and take home the title.  It would not be surprising if he closed out the show at the Linc either, because he enjoys being the one to close out the night, and send fans home with a memory they will not forget for years to come.

His brother has competed at all three events that Monster Jam hosted at the Linc from 2010-2011, competing in both Taz and Grave Digger the Legend.  He’s been victorious at this venue in years past, and is looking to do so once again.

This time around, Adam Anderson is in the flagship truck of his family, Grave Digger.  The last time the Digger competed at this venue, it was his father Dennis at the wheel in the special 30th Anniversary purple body, one that he enjoyed driving, and for the first time attempted a backflip in the truck.  He didn’t land it, but the fans certainly got an excellent show.

But, for this show, the Anderson brothers aren’t the only ones coming to Philadelphia as champions.  Joining them are Todd Leduc in Mutant, plus Lee O’Donnell in the VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist.  Don’t expect a massive leap or a front flip, but do expect these to make an attempt to overshadow the Andersons in any way possible.

Son-uva Digger may be a debuting truck at the Linc, but it’s not the only one debuting at the home of the Eagles.

Zombie Nation is coming, with Colt Stephens at the wheel, the son of Hall of Fame driver Scott Stephens of King Krunch fame.  Along with him, Brianna Mahon is debuting her Whiplash Willys pickup for the first time in Pennsylvania.  The Storm Damage team is bringing in the Hurricane Force to compete, plus the Over Board team is bringing in their team trucks, Over Board and the beautiful new Black Pearl Chevrolet.

A field loaded with major competition and anyone has the potential to win.  Fourteen beasts are coming in, and looking to bring home their own trophy at the end of the night.

Tickets available at MonsterJam.com, along with pit party passes.  Discounted tickets available through Great Clips and Metro PCS.  Show begins at 7 p.m. with the pit party happening from 3-6 p.m.

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