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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Results Following the Food City 500

Two wins in a row, that certainly deserves a bow.

Mother Nature this season has decided to really let her wrath be known when it comes to racing.  She has decided to cause chaos at all but two weekends so far this season in some fashion, and it has not made anything easy for teams, fans, nor media.

The worst part of having weather move in is if there’s a glimmer of light for NASCAR to race, they will.  But then to stop, and force a start a day later, is even worse.  It means fans waited, and got surprised, but only got disappointment in the end.

Everyone kept hoping that Bristol would have some light at the end of the tunnel, or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

For the competition, the problem is, only one driver got that pot of gold, and on the way there, it got littered with candy all across the concrete.  There is no one in the current era that is better at Bristol than the “Candy Man” himself, Kyle Busch.  He achieved his first 2018 win one week ago, and eight days later, he came to the Bull Ring to do what he does best at Bristol, beat the competition.

It’s safe to say Rowdy has his groove back.

That victory gave a trio of participants another win on the season, with one going back-to-back like the Rowdy driver himself.  The lead is expanding, and many are now playing a lot of catch-up just to be within striking distance.  Here’s the new look standings after the delayed, and eventually finished, Food City 500:


Sal Sigala Jr. – 359 – Kyle Busch WON (3) 17

Rob Tiongson – 322 – Clint Bowyer finished 8th (1) 5

Ashley Hobbs – 311 – Kyle Busch WON (3) 16

Misan Akuya – 264 – Kurt Busch finished 22nd (3) 17

Rob Blount – 258 – Kyle Larson finished 2nd (1) 5

Billy Fellin – 253 – Joey Logano finished 9th (2) 12

Ashley Hull – 243 – Kyle Busch WON (2) 12

Trisha Rodisch – 239 – Brad Keselowski finished 23rd (2) 9

Penny Whitecotton – 238 – Kevin Harvick finished 7th (3) 11

Dustin Parks – 216 – Joey Logano finished 9th (0) 0

Klarissa Mitchell – 118 – Jamie McMurray finished 19th (0) 0


Next Race:  The short track feeling for anyone is something that is hard to describe.  It means bumping, which leads to anger, and maybe retaliation.  But NASCAR doesn’t hold many during the season, and whenever the opportunity comes to hit a small speedway, they take advantage.

Having two small tracks in a row, each with their own style and handling, makes it fun for everyone involved, and in this case, it’s a perfect match.  It is truly…Racing Perfection.

Welcome to the small track in Virginia that is known as Richmond, where she’s not a half mile, but has all the action as one, and then some.

Participants, you need to be locked in this week, especially when it is a race that happens under the lights.  Have those choices for victory submitted by Thursday, April 19, at 10 p.m. ET for the Toyota Owners 400.

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