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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Picks for the O’Reilly Auto Parts 500

The bulk of the schedule every year for NASCAR is on intermediate tracks.  Many almost call them “cookie cutter” designs because a majority of the tracks are 1.5-miles in length, and have a similar design.  The reality is, each of those tracks have their own personality, and have nothing in common between one another except length.

How one drives Atlanta is completely different to how one drives Kentucky.  A setup for Kansas may not work when going to Homestead.

There certainly isn’t anything that can compare to the promotion and attitude that comes with Eddie Gossage and his ability to draw fans in at the Texas Motor Speedway.  From stunt shows, pre-race concerts, movies on the big screen, and being able to make it feel like it’s the biggest weekend in Texas since the Dallas Cowboys won their last Super Bowl.  Each year he tries to bring something bigger to draw the fans in.

Each race at the speedway, the end to the weekend is exactly the same.  One driver climbs from the car, salutes the crowd and then puts on the cowboy hat to fire off a pair of six-shooters.

Sure, the participants this week don’t have a cowboy hat to use, nor a pair of old pistols, but they do have their picks ready.  Here’s who they think will be victorious in the O’Reilly Auto Parts 500:

Misan Akuya:  Kyle Busch

JGR has had speed, but no wins yet.  Can Kyle Busch break through?

Rob Blount:  Martin Truex Jr.

No reason given.

Billy Fellin:  Kyle Busch

No reason given.

Ashley Hobbs:  Martin Truex Jr.

Lets see MTJ with a pair of six shooters at the end of the day!

Ashley Hull:  Martin Truex Jr.

No reason given.

Klarissa Mitchell:  NO PICK

Deadline passed with no pick submitted.

Dustin Parks:  Jimmie Johnson

Chevrolet’s only win this season has been at the plate track when the season began, so there really has not been much success away from having restrictor plates on the engine.  But, when it comes to Texas, I will stick with Seven-Time to get Hendrick’s first win since Indianapolis last year.

Trisha Rodisch:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.

Sal Sigala Jr:  Kyle Busch

No reason given.

Rob Tiongson:  Ryan Blaney

He was fast last spring and looked prime to win until some setbacks in the final stage of that race.

Penny Whitecotton:  Jimmie Johnson

No reason given.


Standings following Martinsville:

Ashley Hobbs – 261 – Kyle Busch finished 2nd (2) 11

Sal Sigala Jr. – 251 – Kyle Busch finished 2nd (1) 6

Rob Tiongson – 243 – Kyle Busch finished 2nd (1) 5

Rob Blount – 210 – Joey Logano finished 6th (1) 5

Penny Whitecotton – 203 – Kevin Harvick finished 5th (3) 11

Ashley Hull – 193 – Denny Hamlin finished 12th (1) 7

Misan Akuya – 188 – Jamie McMurray finished 26th (2) 11

Dustin Parks – 186 – Chase Elliott finished 9th (0) 0

Billy Fellin – 166 – Denny Hamlin finished 12th (1) 6

Trisha Rodisch – 160 – Chase Elliott finished 9th (2) 6

Klarissa Mitchell – 100 – NO PICK SENT (0) 0


Summary of Picks:

Kyle Busch-3

Martin Truex Jr-3

Jimmie Johnson-2

Ryan Blaney-1

Kevin Harvick-1

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