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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Picks for the Bojangles’ Southern 500

There is something about when not just a race is unique, but the track, and the feeling, is all unique.  NASCAR always tries to make one weekend of the year the most fun for drivers, teams, and fans, and for the third year in a row, NASCAR has made it a point to enjoy coming to it’s oldest track.

No track is designed quite like this place, the “Lady in Black.”  No speedway takes in the idea of honoring the sport’s past than the place that is always “Too Tough To Tame.”

No track will work better for NASCAR to throw it back that the egg-shaped marvel that is Darlington.

Once again, nearly every team that entered the garage for the annual Labor Day race decided to honor the past, with some style of a throwback scheme.  Crews donned old designs for the crew shirts, even growing hair both on their faces and heads to honor the era.  Past drivers got to look at older style cars and see where the sport has been, and where it’s heading.

The participants this week are loving the old-school feel, and each got to have a little fun this week.  We’re not only revealing their picks for victory, but also the paint schemes they would like to see, or in some cases wish were run, for NASCAR’s Throwback race, the Bojangles’ Southern 500 (NOTE-Not all participants chose a paint scheme):


Misan Akuya:  RACE-Jamie McMurray

Sticking with the Mac attack.  He has a pretty sick throwback scheme this year, honoring David Pearson.  And with Darlington statistically being one of his best tracks, an opportunity to seal the deal is there.

SCHEME-BiElliottll Elliott Muhammad Ali

This would be sick for his son to drive.

Rob Blount:  RACE-Kyle Larson

No reason given.

Billy Fellin:  RACE-Kurt Busch

No reason given.

Dalton Hastings:  RACE-Kurt Busch

No reason given.

IrvanSCHEME-Ernie Irvan Kodak

Hasn’t been done for Darlington.  Always loved that look.

Ashley Hobbs:  RACE-Kyle Larson

I am going for the guy with 3 starts, 3 top 10s, the best average finish, but no wins at Darlington; yet.  Larson will continue to show his strength this weekend at The Lady in Black.

RainbowSCHEME-Jeff Gordon Rainbow

Gotta give love to the Rainbow Warrior throwback. Yet, it is sad that we can now call Jeff Gordon‘s paint scheme a throwback!

Ashley Hull:  RACE-Martin Truex Jr.

No reason given.

EdwardsSCHEME:  Office Depot

I wish someone would do a throwback scheme to Carl Edwards’ Office Depot car.

Ashley McCubbin:  RACE-No Pick

Deadline passed with no pick submitted.

Klarissa Mitchell:  RACE-Jamie McMurray

No reason given.

Dustin Parks:  RACE-Martin Truex Jr.

A chance to clinch the season championship, I’ll take risking a few stripes for that.

ThunderbatSCHEME-The Thunderbat

This was the second special paint scheme I remember seeing, next to Dale Earnhardt’s silver car the week prior.  If one more Batman movie came out, this would be sick to see.

Patti Rodisch:  RACE-Jimmie Johnson

No reason given.

Sal Sigala Jr:  RACE-Martin Truex Jr.

No reason given.

Earnhardt Jr.SCHEME:  The Intimidator

It would’ve been nice to see Jr run his dads 7th championship paint scheme since he is retiring.

Rob Tiongson:  RACE-Martin Truex Jr.

By far, Martin Truex Jr and his 78 team have outgunned the best of the best this season. Darlington won’t be any different as he picks up his fifth win of 2017.

Derrike CopeSCHEME-Jimmy Dean

I truly miss the Jimmy Dean Sausage colors from Derrike Cope’s No. 30 Pontiac from 1999. Sure, it wasn’t in the top-10, but Sunday morning breakfasts seemed tastier with that car on track!

Penny Whitecotton:  RACE-Kevin Harvick

No reason given.


Standings following Bristol:

Ashley Hobbs (801) Kyle Busch WON – [4] 28

Misan Akuya (800) Jamie McMurray finished 12th – [6] 22

Rob Tiongson (785) Kyle Larson finished 9th – [3] 12

Penny Whitecotton (753) Kevin Harvick finished 8th – [1] 6

Sal Sigala Jr. (740) Kyle Busch WON – [3] 27

Ashley Hull (722) Matt Kenseth finished 4th – [3] 20

Patti Rodisch (700) Martin Truex Jr. finished 21st – [2] 15

Ashley McCubbin (652) Martin Truex Jr. finished 21st – [1] 10

Klarissa Mitchell (646) Jamie McMurray finished 12th – [0] 0

Billy Fellin (636) Kyle Busch WON – [3] 15

Dustin Parks (635) Joey Logano finished 13th – [1] 8

Rob Blount (626) Kyle Busch WON – [2] 14

Dalton Hastings (595) NO PICK SENT – [0] 5


Summary of Picks:

Martin Truex Jr-4

Kurt Busch-2

Kyle Larson-2

Jamie McMurray-2

Kevin Harvick-1

Jimmie Johnson-1

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