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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Picks for the Pure Michigan 400

It has been a big week for manufacturers in NASCAR, or at least when it comes to them being put on notice.  The debut in 2018 of Chevrolet going from the SS to the most powerful Camaro they make now coming to the tracks across the country.  It means the muscle car is making a comeback at a place outside of the drag strip.

Perfect timing since NASCAR enjoys coming to the part of the country where the main auto manufacturers assemble the vehicles that cross the highways and country roads in the U.S.

Ever since the Gen-6 car debuted, being able to win at Michigan often has meant that sales for that maker increase over the week.

Add in the fact this track has all the elements that make for a fun track to race on, high speeds, wide surface, multiple lanes, and many different strategies and it becomes an unpredictable event.

That unpredictability makes it a challenge sometimes to decide on a winner, because often the fastest car sometimes is the one that runs dry when it matters the most.  Ask Greg Biffle and Jimmie Johnson, or Tony Stewart.  It happens to the best, and leads to many surprises.

Hopefully the writers choose based on who they feel will win, or in some cases sneak in to steal it.  Here’s their victory choices for the Pure Michigan 400:


Misan Akuya:  Martin Truex Jr.

No reason given.

Rob Blount:  Kyle Larson

No reason given.

Billy Fellin:  Joey Logano

No reason given.

Dalton Hastings:  Jimmie Johnson

No reason given.

Ashley Hobbs:  Kyle Larson

Cannot stop the motoring of that 42.

Ashley Hull:  Kyle Larson

No reason given.

Ashley McCubbin:  NO PICK

Deadline passed with no pick submitted.

Klarissa Mitchell:  Dale Earnhardt Jr.

No reason given.

Dustin Parks:  Chase Elliott

I’m sure by now he’s tired of running second to that 42 at this place.  It’s time to reverse those numbers and put the 24 back in victory lane.

Patti Rodisch:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.

Sal Sigala Jr:  Brad Keselowski

No reason given.

Rob Tiongson:  Kyle Larson

After seeing him win this past June, I think it’s time he makes it happen again!

Penny Whitecotton:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.


Standings after Watkins Glen:

Misan Akuya (723) Kyle Busch finished 6th – [6] 22

Ashley Hobbs (703) Kyle Busch finished 6th – [2] 17

Rob Tiongson (699) Clint Bowyer finished 5th – [2] 7

Penny Whitecotton (675) Kevin Harvick finished 17th – [1] 6

Sal Sigala Jr. (648) Kyle Busch finished 6th – [2] 20

Patti Rodisch (641) Kyle Busch finished 6th – [2] 15

Ashley McCubbin (634) Kyle Busch finished 7th – [1] 10

Ashley Hull (628) A.J. Allmendinger finished 9th – [2] 14

Klarissa Mitchell (593) Jamie McMurray finished 14th – [0] 0

Dalton Hastings (577) NO PICK SENT – [0] 5

Dustin Parks (571) Denny Hamlin finished 4th – [1] 8

Billy Fellin (569) NO PICK SENT – [2] 9

Rob Blount (528) Joey Logano finished 24th – [0] 3


Summary of Picks:

Kyle Larson-4

Kevin Harvick-2

Dale Earnhardt Jr-1

Chase Elliott-1

Jimmie Johnson-1

Brad Keselowski-1

Joey Logano-1

Martin Truex Jr-1

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