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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Picks for the Coca-Cola 600

The Boston Marathon.  The Biathlon.  The Baja 1000.  What do these events have in common?

Endurance.  Each event is not about how fast it takes to complete, although the fastest is the one that is victorious, but instead about being able to make it from start to finish.  Being quick is not always the best option, but being able to endure through everything to make it to the end is critical too.

Endurance has another meaning on this particular weekend.  Unfortunately, the Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember the difficulty of all the families that must endure the loss of loved ones in combat.  It is not a time of celebration, but a time of remembrance.  Fathers and mothers, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters; they all are remembered.

For NASCAR, they honor those that have given the sacrifice of their life in their own way.  Drivers names come off, and fallen soldiers go in place.

This sport has an endurance of it’s own, in that it is the longest, most tedious, challenging, and sometimes aggravating race of the season.  It starts at a unique time of the day, but track changes happen over the course of hours.  The sun sets, the lights come on, and the track gets quicker.

It is NASCAR’s marathon at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which becomes more about honoring the fallen instead of celebrating victory.

All the participants are hoping they can endure this event, one that challenges all aspects of a team, driver, and fans.  Let us look at who they believe will make it to victory on NASCAR’s longest night, the Coca-Cola 600:


Misan Akuya:  Jamie McMurray

Has won two of the fall races and has an All Star win to boot.  Plus with how fast he’s been all year, a win is just around the corner.

Rob Blount:  NO PICK

Deadline passed with no pick submitted.

Billy Fellin:  Martin Truex Jr.

No reason given.

Dalton Hastings:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.

Ashley Hobbs:  Kyle Larson

I think we will have fun watching Larson this weekend.

Ashley Hull:  Kyle Larson

No reason given.

Ashley McCubbin:  Kyle Larson

No reason given.

Klarissa Mitchell:  Jamie McMurray

No reason given.

Dustin Parks:  Martin Truex Jr.

Overall at the 1.5-mile tracks, the most consistent driver has been Truex.  He won in Vegas, and at Kansas.  I’m not saying he’s going to experience a race like he did one year ago, although let’s face it that kind of night is once in a lifetime.  But, if he has a strong car, and is there at the end of stage three, I’ll give him a good shot to win it.

Patti Rodisch:  Martin Truex Jr.

No reason given.

Sal Sigala Jr:  Kyle Busch

What a bunch of crappy (paraphrasing) drivers I pick each week. They all crash when I pick them. One win is keeping me from coming back.

Rob Tiongson:  Kyle Larson

Yes, this driver, who won the first two stages of the Monster Energy NASCAR All Star Race, ultimately fell one spot short last Saturday night.  However, Larson appears to know what it takes to win at Charlotte. Hard to go against him for Sunday night’s 600 at Charlotte.

Penny Whitecotton:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.


Standings following Kansas:

Rob Tiongson (425) Kevin Harvick finished 3rd – [1] 2

Ashley Hobbs (361) Matt Kenseth finished 12th – [1] 7

Ashley Hull (352) Kevin Harvick finished 3rd – [1] 7

Dalton Hastings (350) Kurt Busch finished 19th – [0] 3

Rob Blount (342) Brad Keselowski finished 2nd – [0] 1

Misan Akuya (337) Brad Keselowski finished 2nd – [1] 9

Billy Fellin (325) Kyle Busch finished 5th – [1] 3

Penny Whitecotton (318) Kevin Harvick finished 3rd – [0] 1

Klarissa Mitchell (307) Kevin Harvick finished 3rd – [0] 0

Dustin Parks (281) Kyle Busch finished 5th – [0] 2

Ashley McCubbin (271) Kevin Harvick finished 3rd – [0] 2

Sal Sigala Jr. (263) Joey Logano finished 37th – [1] 6

Patti Rodisch (256) Jimmie Johnson finished 24th – [1] 8


Summary of Picks:

Kyle Larson-4

Martin Truex Jr-3

Kevin Harvick-2

Jamie McMurray-2

Kyle Busch-1

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