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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Picks for the Toyota Owners 400

It is not often that a track decides to go outside it’s realm in many different ways to bring in fans to the track.  Last season, a track that is nicknamed “Racing Perfection” decided to do a couple changes to maybe make the fans, and the drivers, a lot happier.

The biggest change was the spring race was moved from a Saturday night to a Sunday afternoon.  This was historically what Richmond has done in the past, and the previous season, the race was moved to a Sunday afternoon due to rain anyway.  It meant a different setup, and the practice time that the teams had days prior then had a lot more meaning.

But, every now and then, change is good, and this year it was the front office that decided to bring in a new marketing and promoting team to assist in getting excitement built up for both races in 2017.  However, the most exciting part is who was leading the way.

Sure, he runs a promotion and marketing company, but he is most famous for his ability to stand in a 20-foot by 20-foot wrestling ring, hold a microphone, and captivate an entire audience.  And usually, it starts with three simple words, followed by one passionate statement.

“Ladies and gentlemen…my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate for the Beast Incarnate, the Conqueror, and your reigning, and defending, WWE Universal champion….BRRROOOCCKK LLEEEESSSNNAARRRR!!”  With his ingenious and passion that he puts into his promos for WWE, it was an absolute perfect opportunity to bring in someone to inject that passion into NASCAR.

One thing is certain, he doesn’t need much Monster Energy to get himself going, because Heyman is already a riled up individual.  And if some drivers aren’t careful, he could call up his advocate and take them directly to Suplex City.

But, the focus is back on the track, and that is what the participants want.  After going winless last week, they all are itching to be victorious.  Here’s a view of their choices for victory in the Toyota Owners 400:


Misan Akuya:  Chase Elliott

He is due for his first win right?

Rob Blount:  Kyle Busch

Time for the turnaround to begin. Almost won here last spring only to have it taken away by a teammate in the final corner. Fortunately for Kyle, that teammate has since hung up the helmet for the time being.

Billy Fellin:  Joey Logano

No reason given.

Dalton Hastings:  Jimmie Johnson

Won the last two, why not go for a hat trick?

Ashley Hobbs:  Kyle Busch

It’s Rowdy’s time to shine.

Ashley Hull:  Kurt Busch

No reason given.

Ashley McCubbin:  Chase Elliott

No reason given.

Klarissa Mitchell:  Jamie McMurray

New sponsor this week!!

Dustin Parks:  Denny Hamlin

I’m officially in the basement for the first time this season in the standings, so I need to get out some heavy artillery.  So, I’m going to the Toyota camp and bringing in the hometown boy.  Hamlin loves this place, that is clear, and that love is gonna become his first win of the 2017 campaign.

Patti Rodisch:  Chase Elliott

No reason given.

Sal Sigala Jr:  Kyle Larson

No reason given.

Rob Tiongson:  Joey Logano

Consistent, steady, and hungry, I look for Joey Logano to finally break through to Victory Lane this Sunday at Richmond.

Penny Whitecotton:  Kevin Harvick

Gotta win this time…He’s in my neck of the woods.


Standings after Bristol:

Rob Tiongson (330) Kyle Larson finished 6th – [0] 1

Ashley Hobbs (272) Chase Elliott finished 7th – [1] 6

Ashley Hull (270) Chase Elliott finished 7th – [1] 7

Dalton Hastings (265) NO PICK SENT – [0] 2

Billy Fellin (249) Ricky Stenhouse Jr. finished 9th – [0] 2

Misan Akuya (247) Jamie McMurray finished 12th – [1] 9

Rob Blount (240) Joey Logano finished 5th – [0] 0

Patti Rodisch (210) Kurt Busch finished 25th – [1] 8

Ashley McCubbin (210) Kyle Busch finished 35th – [0] 2

Penny Whitecotton (210) Kevin Harvick finished 3rd – [0] 1

Klarissa Mitchell (194) Jamie McMurray finished 12th – [0] 0

Sal Sigala Jr. (183) Brad Keselowski finished 34th – [1] 5

Dustin Parks (168) Brad Keselowski finished 34th – [0] 1


Summary of Picks:

Chase Elliott-3

Kyle Busch-2

Joey Logano-2

Kurt Busch-1

Denny Hamlin-1

Kevin Harvick-1

Jimmie Johnson-1

Kyle Larson-1

Jamie McMurray-1

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