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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Results Following the Food City 500

Easter was the only holiday many drivers got to celebrate, as Jimmie Johnson sandwiched Easter between two wins, his second coming on Monday.

Waiting one extra day to race is never fun.  Although this time, it was inevitable.  Bristol Motor Speedway historically at their spring event have dealt with all different types of weather.  From clouds to snow, wind and sun…it’s happened.

But, the 2017 weekend was nothing that anyone that has been to Bristol on any occasion has experienced.

Friday, rain made qualifying a moot opportunity.  Saturday, despite a two-hour delay, the Xfinity race was able to be completed in it’s entirety.  Then, Saturday night into Sunday, the skies decided to open up, and by that it opened up like Niagara Falls.  By Sunday morning, the area outside the track was flooding, with water above the rubber on some of the haulers that brought souvenirs and the RV’s that camped out for the weekend.

To say NASCAR was doubtful of racing on Sunday was easily an understatement, and the officials decided two hours before the slated green flag to postpone into Monday.  Despite that, the heavy rain continued to blast the Tennessee faithful, and there were still very dismal hopes that anything could make the slated Monday afternoon race happen.

Yet it seemed Mother Nature listened, and decided to let NASCAR have it’s fun, and finally let the coliseum roar.

When it was all said and done, a familiar name was in victory lane…seeing that he already had his first win of the season just two weeks ago, before the Easter break.  Back in victory lane at Bristol, the defending champion, and the man who is trying to achieve the Holy Grail in NASCAR of being the first eight-time champion.  Jimmie Johnson has secured his playoff spot, and has the field on notice.

In a shock, no one decided that “Seven Time” was enough for victory, although after Sunday there is one clear-cut leader in the pack.  Here’s the updates after the rain-delayed Food City 500:


Rob Tiongson (330) Kyle Larson finished 6th – [0] 1

Ashley Hobbs (272) Chase Elliott finished 7th – [1] 6

Ashley Hull (270) Chase Elliott finished 7th – [1] 7

Dalton Hastings (265) NO PICK SENT – [0] 2

Billy Fellin (249) Ricky Stenhouse Jr. finished 9th – [0] 2

Misan Akuya (247) Jamie McMurray finished 12th – [1] 9

Rob Blount (240) Joey Logano finished 5th – [0] 0

Patti Rodisch (210) Kurt Busch finished 25th – [1] 8

Ashley McCubbin (210) Kyle Busch finished 35th – [0] 2

Penny Whitecotton (210) Kevin Harvick finished 3rd – [0] 1

Klarissa Mitchell (194) Jamie McMurray finished 12th – [0] 0

Sal Sigala Jr. (183) Brad Keselowski finished 34th – [1] 5

Dustin Parks (168) Brad Keselowski finished 34th – [0] 1


Next Race:  Why get away from short track racing?  Local tracks across the country are already getting their seasons going, and NASCAR is at the heart of it when they travel to it’s next track.  Luckily, despite the one-day delay due to postponement, it’s still a relatively calm turnaround for all competitors.

Guess that’s the perfect solution, and now NASCAR is heading to the track that could literally be the definition of perfection.

It’s a trip to Virginia once again, this time to the three-quarter mile facility at Richmond that always seems to be fun to watch, and drive, for all involved.

Writers, you know the drill, so have those picks ready by Thursday, April 27, at 10 p.m. ET for the Toyota Owners 400.

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