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Jamboree Jubilation: Radzierez Returns to Bloomsburg

He's back...Diesel Dave is returning to Bloomsburg.

Every fan that attends the 4-Wheel Jamboree comes for a different reason.  Many register their own 4×4 vehicle to show it off, possibly coming away with a prize as part of the show-and-shine judging.  Others hit the mud bog, or try to light up their tires in the burnout contest.

But truthfully, since everyone is a kid at heart, they are there to see the monster trucks.

When Family Events announced the line-up for the 2016 jamboree tour, everyone was really excited to see some returns to the field, such as Tail Gator and Snake Bite.  At the same time, many were confused, and saddened.  A truck that seemed to have taken over popularity to the ranks of many of the machines that have been around for a long time.  The setup was different, but every year improved.

Suddenly, it was gone.  For unforeseen reasons, it was just gone.  Fans began asking why, or will it return.  Some began pleading, hoping, trying to convince the promoter to bring it back, even for just one weekend.  Social media blew up like a volcano, because fans wanted this machine and it’s driver to compete, because they knew what could happen.

The sanctioning body heard every fan that spoke their mind, and with just eight days before the next round of action were to take place, Family Events made an announcement.

For the Bloomsburg 4-Wheel Jamboree next weekend, the monster truck field will see an expansion from seven drivers to eight, and the eighth is one that the Bloomsburg faithful are pleased to see back.  This driver isn’t one to blow smoke…well, at least when it comes to his desire to please the fans.  However, his truck certainly knows how to let out a blast of smoke.

Back by popular demand, the 2013 Monster Truck Thunder Drags freestyle champion, Dave Radzierez and the XDP diesel monster.

Radzierez has seen great success since the debut of the XDP machine in 2012, so much so it has earned him a lot of chances outside of his own team to drive.  He’s spent time behind the wheel for the 2Xtreme team in both Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw, and has been called to duty to drive the Equalizer and Red Solo Truck.  He also spent a couple weekends as a substitute driver for Dan Runte when he was behind the wheel of Bigfoot #18.

This past winter, his time was spent alongside Brutus of Team Scream as he drove the Wrecking Crew Chevrolet.  His winter season concluded in Las Vegas, but he rolled out the XDP machine and was the first diesel-powered truck to be on display at the Monster Jam World Finals.

But for all the stops he makes each year, for Radzierez, Bloomsburg stands out.

Dave“Out of over 50 events a year, the Bloomsburg Jamboree is the one I love the most,” he said.  “It’s home for me and I love to perform for my family and friends!”

Over the years, he’s made himself quite a fan following in the XDP truck.  After winning the championship in 2013, the truck received some upgrades to be stronger, more durable, and withstand the punishment he puts it through.  The 2014 jamboree season for Radzierez was one of the most memorable because he would become the first driver to successfully perform a backflip in a diesel-powered monster truck.  He would only attempt the stunt at the jamborees, and that season he successfully performed the stunt at three of the four events.

The only unsuccessful time was at Bloomsburg, but it wasn’t an unsuccessful attempt.  At that event, there wasn’t an attempt.  The night prior to when he was to do the flip, the Cummins engine blew three rods through the oil pan.  The terminal failure meant that no attempt would take place.

In a sense, Radzierez owes Bloomsburg a flip, but it is unclear if that’s in the cards.  However, what is in the cards is a fan response that could be compared to the cheers that Dale Earnhardt Jr. receives at Talladega.

The Tannersville, Pennsylvania, native will be welcomed with open arms, many roars of approval, and in return one can expect Radzierez to not let up for any performance.  He’s stated in the past he would break the truck in half to please the fans, and on a few occasions last season he nearly did just that.

Tickets for the Bloomsburg jamboree are available online at 4WheelJamboree.com at an advance price, along with participating Jack Williams Tire and A&A Auto Stores locations.

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