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Duck Commander 500

Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Picks for the Duck Commander 500

The stars at night are big and bright…deep in the heart of Texas.

The Lone Star State takes being the biggest state in the union very serious.  In a place where longhorn cattle became the symbol of one of the big colleges, the state keeps setting big marks.  In recent years, two big events at AT&T Stadium set the bar higher than ever.

George Strait concluded his touring career in that venue, and rode off like the troubadour he became, and on Sunday the 32nd installment of Wrestlemania saw over 100,000 strong see a showcase of professional wrestling.

Since 1997, the Texas Motor Speedway has brought in many NASCAR fans deep into the heart of the state to get their fix, and for several years have given the Texas faithful two opportunities to see the stars of the sport get the chance to fire off the six-shooters in victory lane.

It wasn’t until recently that the first race of their season was chosen to go under the lights, very appropriate since the sport seems to shine bigger, brighter, and more prominent when the skies are black, and the lights reflect off the paint.

Every writer is hoping that the heartland trip brings them luck, while avoiding a Texas tornado that could cost them in the long run.  The 7 p.m. start on Saturday night marks the first true Saturday night shootout on the season, and the League is ready to go for the cowboy boot trophy.

Here’s who everyone has chosen to load up their sidearms in the Duck Commander 500:


Misan Akuya:  Carl Edwards

Cousin Carl is just chipping away.  Edwards had an impressive comeback at Martinsville.  He has three wins at Texas.  A fourth looks like a boot licking prospect.

Rob Blount:  Jimmie Johnson

No reason given.

Mary Jo Buchanan:  Jimmie Johnson

No reason given.

Stephen Conley:  Brad Keselowski

No reason given.

Billy Fellin:  Brad Keselowski

I certainly whiffed last week, eh? Though honestly, who would have predicted a bad finish from Hamlin at Martinsville.
Anyway, heading to Texas, I like what I’m seeing out of the 2 camp.

Ashley Hobbs:  Jimmie Johnson

No reason given.

Ashley Hull:  Kyle Busch

No reason given.

Kara Martin:  Denny Hamlin

No reason given.

Ashley McCubbin:  Jimmie Johnson

No reason given.

Klarissa Mitchell:  Jamie McMurray

No reason given.

Dustin Parks:  Carl Edwards

Right now the Gibbs organization has a lot of momentum coming from last weekend, and really since the start.  Two drivers are in the Chase, but I have a feeling a third potentially could get there this weekend.  I thought about Kenseth, but I have a better feeling that the No. 19 team will make it’s mark this week.

Patti Rodisch:  Jimmie Johnson

No reason given.

Sal Sigala Jr:  Kevin Harvick

No reason given.

Rob Tiongson:  Jimmie Johnson

This driver has won five of the past seven races at Texas Motor Speedway with Kyle Busch and Joey Logano spoiling the party in the spring races in ’13 and ’14. Otherwise, it’s been all Jimmie Johnson and while I try to defy the odds, I cannot ignore them this weekend.

Look for Jimmie and Chad Knaus to be happy, happy, happy!


Standings after Martinsville:

Ashley McCubbin (226) Jimmie Johnson finished 9th – 2

Dustin Parks (210) Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 14th – 1

Sal Sigala Jr (206) Jimmie Johnson finished 9th – 1

Patti Rodisch (199) Jimmie Johnson finished 9th – 2

Ashley Hull (196) Denny Hamlin finished 39th – 4

Misan Akuya (180) Jamie McMurray finished 23rd – 2

Kara Martin (180) Kyle Busch WON – 1

Rob Blount (176) Kyle Busch WON – 2

Mary Jo Buchanan (171) Jimmie Johnson finished 9th – 1

Rob Tiongson (170) Denny Hamlin finished 39th – 2

Billy Fellin (168) Denny Hamlin finished 39th – 1

Ashley Hobbs (151) Jimmie Johnson finished 9th – 1

Klarissa Mitchell (110) Denny Hamlin finished 39th – 0

Stephen Conley (75) Denny Hamlin finished 39th – 0


Summary of Picks:

Jimmie Johnson-6

Carl Edwards-2

Brad Keselowski-2

Kyle Busch-1

Denny Hamlin-1

Kevin Harvick-1

Jamie McMurray-1

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