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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Results Following the Kobalt 400

When it mattered most, Brad Keselowski had the speed to make the winning pass to take home the Las Vegas jackpot.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  At least for this year, that is the hope of everyone.  The way the race went down at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, it was anything but normal.  Then again, the town of “Sin City” is anything but normal.

The 20-30 MPH winds that welcomed everyone on race day threw everyone for a curve.  Gusts of nearly 50 MPH would not let anyone stand still.  Car covers became parachutes, capturing anything in their path.  During the event, officials had to wait extra laps during a caution because the wind kicked up a second time, causing a dust storm to encompass part of the speedway.

Wind, some rain, dust and sunshine all would make up how the race would feel from outside the car.

Inside the cars, there was no shortage of different strategies, or handling.  When the laps were clicking away, the desire to get the hometown on their feet seemed within reach.  But bit by bit, the gap between Kyle Busch and second-place Brad Keselowski closed, and within moments it went from seconds, to car-lengths.

Finally, Keselowski pounced, and at that point, the only thing left to do was make it to the pay window.  Brad Keselowski would take home his first win of the season, and the third different winner to start the 2016 campaign.

In doing so, one writer would get yet another win on the season.  For the first time since the League’s inception, one writer has a perfect season to start out the year.  Take a look at who it is, along with the standings currently after the Kobalt 400:


Ashley Hull (133) Brad Keselowski WON – 3

Sal Sigala Jr (113) Kevin Harvick finished 7th – 0

Rob Tiongson (112) Kyle Busch finished 4th – 1

Dustin Parks (109) Kurt Busch finished 9th – 0

Ashley McCubbin (105) Jimmie Johnson finished 3rd – 0

Misan Akuya (101) Kurt Busch finished 9th – 1

Billy Fellin (83) Jimmie Johnson finished 3rd – 0

Kara Martin (81) Kyle Busch finished 4th – 0

Mary Jo Buchanan (78) Kevin Harvick finished 7th – 0

Patti Rodisch (78) Kevin Harvick finished 7th – 0

Ashley Hobbs (73) Carl Edwards finished 18th – 1

Rob Blount (70) Kevin Harvick finished 7th – 0

Klarissa Mitchell (67) Carl Edwards finished 18th – 0

Stephen Conley (43) NO PICK SENT – 0


Next Race:  The weather seemed more appropriate for the next race on the schedule instead of what was experienced at Las Vegas.  After all, the next track is considered the “Jewel of the Desert.”  The west cost swing for NASCAR makes a trip slightly east to Phoenix for the fourth race of the season.

Writers, the streak is on a roll.  Three weeks in and three weeks of victories, with one writer extending a streak never seen before.  Get ready for the duel in the desert as you lock in your picks by Thursday, March 10, at 10 p.m. ET for the Good Sam 500.

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