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Horsepower Fantasy Racing: Results Following the AAA Texas 500

He's not in the Chase, but he is the biggest gun in Texas.

If there is any indication of what a dominant car can do, except for one thing, it was clear on Sunday afternoon.  It was going to be a shootout to possibly lock into the Chase, but only one gunslinger had the bullets.

All afternoon, and even all weekend, it was Brad Keselowski with the best car, the one to beat.

Fastest in qualifying, fastest on pit road, fastest on the track.  It was his race to lose, and everyone else’s job to go out and win it.  In the end, when it mattered the most, someone did.  It was someone who fans were familiar with that has seen victory at Texas for a while now, especially in the fall.  It’s someone everyone thought would be a title contender, but yet was gone after only three races.

In the rear-view of the white and red No. 2 was the blue and silver Chevrolet, with a big Lowe’s logo on the hood.  With just four laps remaining, with one pass, Jimmie Johnson denied another lock for the Chase, and instead spoiled the fun for another season.

He may not be in the title picture, but he certainly knows big moments and how to create them.

In a twist, no one saw that win coming, and no one had him picked in the league.  In fact, the popular pick had a bad day, meaning some position swaps, but still there are four writers that seem to be locked in for the finale.  Here’s where the writers are now after the AAA Texas 500:


Rob Tiongson (4086) Carl Edwards finished 5th – 5 (1)

Misan Akuya (4086) Carl Edwards finished 5th – 3 (1)

Kara Martin (4076) Kurt Busch finished 7th – 2

Dustin Parks (4051) Joey Logano finished 40th – 4 (1)

Mary Jo Buchanan (4051) Joey Logano finished 40th – 2 (1)

Sal Sigala Jr. (4050) Kurt Busch finished 7th – 3

Patti Rodisch (2238) Jeff Gordon finished 9th – 5

Klarissa Mitchell (2202) Joey Logano finished 40th – 0

Ashley McCubbin (2196) Kyle Busch finished 4th – 1

Rob Blount (2134) NO PICK SENT – 2


Next Race:  With four writers already having wins in the Chase, the final race of the round has taken on a big meaning.  Some want to get their points to a level where they feel secure, while others still have an opportunity to make it in by winning.

The tie-breakers to set the Championship 4 are as follows:

  1. Wins earned through the season
  2. Wins earned in the Chase
  3. Points earned in Eliminator Round
  4. IF NEEDED-Highest finishing position aside from wins

So, it is down to the final race in the Eliminator Round, one that has seen it’s share of drama in the last few seasons, and one that could come down to the final corner of the final lap.  It is time for another trip to the desert and the Phoenix International Raceway.

Writers, this is a big one.  Make sure you are locked in by Thursday, November 12, at 10 p.m. ET for the Quicken Loans Race For Heroes 500.

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