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Bigfoot Teammates Have Successful Second Week for Hot Wheels

A full field in Poland and in Texas welcomed huge crowds for Hot Wheels.  FAN PHOTO-Edyta Janc

Having to handle one weekend of events on the Hot Wheels tour is hard enough, but last weekend was the first time the entire Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live crew decided to take a gamble and do not just a tour on U.S. soil, but also in Europe. The results:  ...

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Atlantic Ocean Couldn’t Separate the Excitement for Hot Wheels 2020 Tour

New looks and new continent welcome Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live in 2020.  PHOTO CREDIT:  Danny Maass, Maass Media

In 2019, the idea of having the small toys that started the love of cars as kids become full-scale as adults became a reality.  Hot Wheels decided to gamble and take their monster truck line on tour, literally, with six of their small toys suddenly becoming 11,000-pound beasts that will ...

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Decade of Monster Moments: Closing Out 2019

HOF 41

Alas, another 2019 campaign of monster tires, destroyed junk automobiles, broken parts and aggravating repairs has come to a close.  More importantly, an entire decade of destruction and broken parts has come and gone.  From the beginning of the season back in 2010 until now, the entire concept of the ...

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