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Finally Permanent: Monster Truck Hall of Fame Finds Its Home

The Hall of Fame and Museum is in Auburn, Indiana, but only until spring.

Forever Home…words a husband and wife, their kids, and family all eventually want to have.  A place that they know exactly where they will grow up, make memories, and never have to leave.  Families long to have that, and once it is achieved, everyone knows where it is, and sometimes ...

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Dustin Off the Final Race: Season Finale 500

Season Finale 500

February 17, the 2020 season began with a repeat winner in the Daytona 500, and one driver in the hospital causing the entire racing community to be worried, but hopeful.  It went through the western swing of tracks. Then, it stopped. The pandemic stole away our sports, our escape, our ...

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Dustin Off the Next Race: Xfinity 500

Xfinity 500

It is hard to believe that the season has gotten to the point that we are ready to officially set the final four heading into the championship.  In April, it seemed like this would never happen since the racing had halted.  But, instead, we are actually at the point where ...

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