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Dustin Off the Next Race: Foxwoods Casino 301

Foxwoods 301

This has been one of those weeks leading up to a race that many saw the writing on the wall, but you cannot help but feel horrible at the same time. The news from the Penske organization that is seeing changes heading into the new season may be looking ahead ...

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Time to Park It: Jockey Made in America 250

The current "King of the Road" certainly is showing why he earned that crown.

The 2021 campaign has been all about new experiences, from how fans interact with teams, to how a race is broadcast, all the way to the unveiling of an entirely new car for the next season.  At the beginning of the season, the one item that I took notice of ...

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Dustin Off The Next Race, or Races: Pocono Double


When the 2020 schedule was announced and it was revealed the most challenging weekend of the entire year was going to happen in my home state, automatically I knew this was going to be a true test of attrition for everyone involved.  From teams at the shop to the road ...

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